Why Chameleons Montessori?

In a rapidly changing society, the most vital accomplishment in the education of a child is the awakening within the child of a genuine thirst for learning. At Chameleons we see it as our responsibility to assist the child in building the foundations for a lifetime of creative learning.

The activities and environment provided by Chameleons stimulate and develop a love of learning, an abiding curiosity in one's surroundings and a desire to discover and do things for oneself.

Our goal for each child is for them to gain the ability to solve challenges using an organized approach, to use freedom wisely, to respect himself/herself and others, and, above all, to take joy in learning.

The Montessori approach is enhanced by the unique location of the School on the Nitida Wine farm where children have an abundance of space and tranquillity, and enjoy an awe inspiring connection with nature.

Maria Montessori believed that education is really a preparation for life, and not simply a mastering of intellectual skills.