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Low muscle tone is the buzzword of the decade. What is it, and how does it affect our children?

Low muscle tone is a weakness in the muscles, which results in insufficient stability when assuming and maintaining postures as well as when performing activities that require movement.

A child experiencing low muscle tone will have to work much harder to compensate for the insufficient tone in the muscles, and for this reason experiences tiredness, dislikes motor activities and battles with gross motor skills.

While OT (Occupational Therapy) is essential for some children, simply playing correctly and consistently and minimising sedentary activity like watching television and playing on the computer would naturally help other children overcome any difficulties they may be having.

Educators are alarmed at the amount of children demonstrating gross motor difficulties. The first area of development for children is their physical skills. If these are compromised it affects the overall development of the child and can impact on their ability to learn.

All programmes should encourage fun activities in order to maximise the children's participation. Too many other programmes are serious, strict and disciplined and focus on getting children to obey instructions. They tend to forget that children learn by playing and when children play in a group, they benefit from the social skills by interacting with other children.

To this end, the following programs have been carefully selected to incorporate major developmental tasks and to assist in expected levels of functioning for the child to attain full potential. They are provided by professional out-sourced facilitators hand selected by the Principal & Directresses of Chameleons Montessori.

Kidi-Sportz (Pre-School)

Kidi-Sportz focuses on gymnastic skills, ball skills, sporting skills and muscle development. We encourage good health and fitness, improving body image, confidence and self-esteem as well as social skills through fun games in the sessions. We encourage healthy competition in a contained environment, and ensure participation by positive encouragement.
Super Sport Let's Play accredits Kidi-Sportz and the Sport Science Institute approved the program.

We know that children develop fastest in their first 5 years of life. As a result, encouragement of play from an early age will prevent and overcome possible future problems before primary school age.

We have a maximum of 10 children per session and is offered to Pre-Schoolers on the Pre-School campus.

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School Sports (Primary)

The Primary School children are offered sports facilitated by Laurien Allison. Laurien is a graduate of Northlink College having done a Higher Diploma in Sports Management and Coaching Child Kinetics. She has also done her 3 to 6 year Montessori Training and is currently doing her 6 to 9 year studies as a Montessori Directress. She is also qualified in First Aid.

Laurien has always played a variety of sports at various levels. Her personal favourites are Swimming and Hockey. She still plays hockey and swam competitively until 2000. She says: "Sport has taught me self discipline, team work, determination, respect and sportsmanship. My vision is to expose children to the basics of a variety of sports in the hope that it may spark a passion inside each child to continue being active for the rest of their lives while teaching them valuable life skills that come naturally from active participation in a sports activity."

Laurien's favourite quote: "A healthy body is a healthy mind. The benefits of sports and physical activity are endless and are as essential as academics for the total development of a child".

Sport is offered once weekly and changes according to season. Some of the sports the children have already participated in are Cricket, Hockey, Soccer & Softball.

Swimming (Primary classes)

This year and the move to the new Primary School campus has seen the introduction of swimming as a sport at Chameleons. The swimming program that Laurien offers is on a one-on-one basis, once weekly.

Swimming is also offered to Pre-Schoolers wishing to improve on their swimming strength.

Should you choose this option on the enrolment form, you will be contacted to schedule a time slot convenient to both your child and the swimming facilitator.

Ballet & Ballroom Dancing (Primary & Pre-School classes)

Ballet, Latin American, & Ballroom dancing have many benefits, especially if started at a young age. They teach co-ordination, develop a sense of rhythm whilst teaching the value of musicality and physically strengthens the body. The most important aspect of dancing is that it is their to be loved and enjoyed. The teacher has been professionally trained, to ensure that from a young age, children are taught the correct method of dancing to prevent injuries and to ensure that dancing is enjoyble.

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Kundalini Yoga (Pre-School classes)

The children of Chameleons have been enjoying yoga at the School for two years now.

It is offered by Lara Newenschwander as part of the curriculum to all Primary School students and as an optional extra mural to Pre-Schoolers.

Pre-Schoolers who partake must be dropped at the Primary School on Friday mornings at 07:55am as these lessons are conducted in the Primary School Music Room from 8am to 8.30am.

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All extra murals are optional, however we cannot stress enough the importance of incorporating at least one form of physical activity into each child's week.

Music, Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture inspires creativity, self-confidence and self esteem in children. It stimulates the entire learning experience, helping students succeed in other areas of School and life. It reinforces learning in other disciplines, such as maths, reading and writing and introduces students to a variety of career choices later in life.

At Chameleons Montessori we strive to maintain a balance between the arts and physical activity.

A very well anticipated annual event is the end of year concert where every year we come away amazed by our "little stars" and the enjoyment and excitement with which these events are met by the children.

This year also saw our first "Cultural Evening" which is likely to become a regular occurrence and which affords the music students an opportunity to show-off their newly acquired musical skills under the guidance of Lara Newenschwander, our music facilitator. The first event was a very special evening for everyone who attended and Lara provided an extra treat by having some of her older music students give a recital of various orchestral instruments which was a great inspiration to our budding musicians. We intend developing these evenings into an event that will expose our children on a regular basis to the wonders of Arts, Music & Culture.

With this in mind the following extra mural activities are offered to our students:

Speech & Drama (Pre-School & Primary classes)

Speech and Drama is offered to both Pre-Schoolers as well as Primary scholars. It is facilitated by Lee-Anne van Rensburg.

for more information regarding Speech & Drama

Individual Music Lessons (Primary classes)

Individual music lessons are offered by Lara Newenschwander. Lara has a B.Mus degree from UCT, graduating in 1997. Her experience has been gained teaching piano, keyboard, cello, recorder, orchestra, music theory and arts & culture at various Schools and music centres in Cape Town since 1998. Such Schools include Bishops, Rondebosch Boys, Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre, Frank Petersen Music Centre, Tygerberg High School, Kenridge Primary and DF Malan High School. She has worked with students from all age groups (three years to adults).

Her performance experience includes performing with orchestras and Chamber groups in Cape Town and abroad (touring South America, UK and Russia).

Instruments available for tuition at the School will be piano, keyboard, recorder, fife, violin (in 2009), cello, guitar and singing.

As an introduction all students start on recorder, fife, piano or keyboard for six months to a year and then progress to the instrument of their choice.

Auditions will be held at the School to determine the learner's interest and capability, where after there will be a six month trial period. Lessons will consist of two 30 minute , individual lessons on the child's specific instrument as well as a 60 minute group class per week which will concentrate on skills learning (theory, aural, history, improvisation, listening, harmony, etc.).

Tuition costs exclude book & instruments.

Arts & Crafts (Pre-School & Primary classes)

Monique Anderson offers extra mural Arts & Crafts to our children. All those who participate enjoy expressing their creativity. Creative expression is achieved through the introduction of a variety of mediums and children experiment with different techniques from colour mixing and pastels to clay and paper maché. All materials are included in the tuition fees. Being a Montessori teacher herself, all lessons are presented using the Montessori philosophy.

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  • Report evaluations from the respective Extra Mural Facilitators will accompany Term Reports.
  • All extra-mural fees will be charged to parents monthly accounts.
  • Termination of enrolment of all extra-murals is subject to a three months written notice.
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