The School Committee

The Parent Committee is elected by the parents.They meet every second month and are the voice of the parent body. In addition they are responsible for the fundraising projects of the School and funds raised in this way are applied directly to new equipment and items of a capital nature.

Committee meetings are open to all parents (whether you are a committee member or not). Parents wishing to add an item to the agenda need to contact one of the committee members in advance. The minutes of these meetings are available to any interested parents.

2008 Committee Members

Mandy Peake Pre-School
Debbie De Villier Pre-School
Alice D'Aguiar Primary
Dave D'Aguiar Primary
Trudi Gill Primary
Gill Hawkins Primary
Cheryl Van Wyk Primary
Joe Hallam Primary

We welcome any new volunteers and are still seeking representatives from the Toddlers group & Ladybird Class. Please let us know if you would like to join the team.