Chameleons Montessori School accepts any child whose family is interested in Montessori education as an approach to life. We attempt to achieve a balance of age, sex and experience in each class. We give special consideration to siblings and children transferring from other Montessori programs.

Generally, we are not equipped to care for children with special needs. Therefore, any such care is entirely at the option of the School and conditional upon the consent of the principal and committee. In all cases, the child must be able to participate and substantially benefit from the program without risk to him/herself or to the other children.

No person shall on the basis of race, sex, religious belief or national origin be excluded from participation, be denied the benefits of or be subject to discrimination.

Viewing the School

It is suggested that the parent makes an appointment for an interview with Emma Medell (the Principal) to view the School and its facilities. This affords the parent the opportunity to meet Emma & the Directresses and get a feeling for the School environment.

Admissions Process

Following the initial interview and viewing of the school, in order to enjoy the benefit of a RESERVED space at Chameleons Montessori, when one becomes available, it is important to note the following:
  • It is only upon payment of the non-refundable Application Fee (R250) that an applicant is placed on the School’s Waiting List.
  • All available spaces at the school are filled from the waiting-list only, on a first come first served basis.
In order to be considered for an available space, applicants on the waiting list must have completed & submitted all the required Enrolment documentation in full. This documentation is provided to applicants after they have been placed on the waiting list. Applicants must also have paid the applicable registration fee in full at this stage.

Even once an applicant is moved off the waiting list and provided with a RESERVED space, admission remains subject to the School’s minimum entrance standards and admission criteria which is only determined following the child’s assessment day at the school.

The Child’s Assessment

This assessment is a very gentle, stress-free visit which, depending on the age of the child, involves the child joining the class for a morning (or a few hours).

This is a wonderful opportunity for the child to experience first hand what the class is like and also an opportunity for the Directress and Principal to meet the child and assess whether or not the child is suited to our Montessori environment and if so, where the child should be placed within the classes.

All decisions are based on the best interests of the child and of the existing children in the class.

Confirmation of Admission & Enrolment

Your child’s enrolment at Chameleons Montessori is only CONFIRMED upon receipt of the CONFRMATION OF ADMISSION & ENROLMENT letter which will be provided by the Principal to the applicant after the Child’s Assessment.

Please Note: If it is found that the parent has not disclosed problems that the child may have (such as physical, mental or psychological behavioural problems) then the School may terminate the enrolment of the child. In event of this, the parent will forfeit all registration and tuition fees made to the School.