The Primary School Programme

The Primary Montessori environment at Chameleon's provides a holistic educational programme for the 6-9 and 9-12 year old children.

There are a total of 35 pupils in the Primary School.

Moving the Primary child from the concrete concepts of the Pre-School toward abstraction, the primary curriculum is supported by scientifically designed Montessori Equipment.

Known as "Cosmic Education", Montessori Primary Education seeks to expose the child to the interconnectedness of everything the thread that connects all in our universe.

Subjects covered are built upon year by year taking the child to a deeper level of understanding as they progress through the Primary School.

As an example, when students study ancient Greece, they also study Greek mythology, read stories and novels set in the Grecian world, create authentic costumes, build models of Greek buildings and explore Grecian Art. They study the climate, eco-systems, flora, fauna, and natural resources of the world of the ancient Greeks. And they prepare plays, celebrate festivals and restage their own version of Historical events.

The imaginative Primary Scholars will gain learning skills, self confidence & self esteem, an appreciation of other cultures, research skills and techniques for problem resolution qualities that will serve them both in the now and in their bright futures.

The Montessori Directress guides and facilitates the children in their work each day. There are no bells to demarcate the passing of time or changes in subject. Each child works to the best of their capability - steering away from competition and moving toward self satisfaction and fulfilment.

A large, stimulating & well-equipped Montessori environment provides the setting for a wide variety of activities to inspire the children.