The Pre-School Programme

The Pre-School Montessori environment is designed to meet the emerging developmental needs of the 3 to 6 year old child.

There are two classes of Pre-Schoolers. Currently the Butterfly class has 22 children and the Ladybird Class has 10. The classes have an even number of girls and boys, and a balanced mix of younger, middle and older children. The children come together each day to gain a love of learning, sharing and helping one another.

A large, bright and well-equipped Montessori environment provides the setting for a wide variety of activities to promote self-help skills, refinement of the senses, development of gross and fine motor skills, social interaction, language and cognitive development for all the children. Also included in the curriculum is the study of maths, reading, writing, the natural and physical sciences, geography and cultures.

Through the activities of our prepared Montessori environment the children acquire a sense of "I can do this" and go from strength to strength, becoming more independent, thus enhancing their self-esteem. In addition to working as individuals they also work collectively, socialising, chatting and sharing their experiences and thus learning what it is to be part of a group. The whole child is nurtured, placing equal value on their physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development.