Montessori Matters

By enrolling your child at Chameleons Montessori, you show that you subscribe to the philosophies of Maria Montessori and the education system that is Montessori.

Many parents enrol their child based on a "feeling" that there is just "something" about this Montessori school that appeals to them, but many years may pass before really understanding what that "special something" is.

It is our goal to foster each child's individual needs and interests while at the same time "educating" their parents. Based on our understanding of child development, and on the importance of the support provided by the family environment, we recognise the importance of parent education.

To do this we not only educate the children, but also need to "educate" parents so they become truly informed as to what Montessori is REALLY about and what makes it so special.

We do this by sharing relevant information during our "Montessori Matters" meetings.

We encourage parents to take advantage of these meetings as an invaluable resource and window into the education style we advocate. Parents often come away with meaningful insight into how they can promote these philosophies at home.

Upon enrolment you will have committed yourself to attending at least two of these meetings per year.

We look forward to seeing you at these meetings and working together to foster a truly Montessori community.