Support Chameleons Montessori effortlessly by swiping your MySchool card

About MySchool:

MySchool is South Africa's foremost school support system.  They contribute more than R1.5 million to schools and charities every month.

1. Apply for your MySchool Supporter Card and nominate your beneficiary (for example our school)..

2. Swipe your card at any of the 2500 partners nationally and a percentage of the turnover is paid out to the school or charity of your choice, at no cost to you.

3. Supply MySchool with your E-mail address. Then you will receive a monthly Supporter Statement to see how much money has been raised on your behalf.

Card usage is the key to the success of the system: Every swipe counts! Supporters can use their card at a range of national, regional and local retail partners on the MySchool system (visit the MySchool website for more details).

Apply Now for MySchool Card

Apply Now for MySchool Card
It's free! Get the card and start swiping to make a difference. Or call 0860 100 445 to apply.
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Shop at supporting partners in order to generate funds for your school.
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E-mail Client Services:
Telephone: 0860 100 445
Fax: 0866 822 833